About Center for Family Guidance, PC
CFG offers a full range of services including: individual therapy; couples and family therapy; child and adolescent mental health; psychiatric evaluations; medication management; and school based evaluations.

One of the things that sets the Center for Family Guidance apart as a leader in behavioral health is our wide range of treatment options. From traditional treatments like therapy and medication management to our cutting edge treatments involving virtual reality and telepsychiatry. Please explore the range of options we have available to improve your life and the lives of your family.

What's New at CFG, PC.

The Center for Family Guidance, PC is seeking patients to participate in a new pilot program for in-home therapy and psychiatric services through the use of video conferencing. We call this Tele-mental health or Telepsychiatry, which is the practice of psychiatry and counseling through a real-time secure video teleconferencing connection. So you would be able to see your provider in your own home instead of traveling to the office. The program is open to patients seeing any type of behavioral health specialist at CFG as long as your provider is participating in the program. 

To learn more or if you are interested in participating click here.
Social Empowerment Groups
for Children and Adolescents
 Your child can experience a comprehensive psycho-educational group for children and adolescents. Sessions are held for 1 hour and 15 minutes over an 8 week period. The group teaches such skills as:
  • Starting a Conversation
  • How to Enter a Group Activity
  • Anger Management
  • How to be a "Good” Friend
  • Winning and Losing
  • How to Address Peer Pressure

For more information on groups offered in our Westampton & West Deptford locations CLICK HERE

CARES Pediatric Nursery Partial Day Program opening soon....

CARES acute partial hospitalization program at St. Francis Medical Center offers children ages 5-14 with an opportunity to improve their quality of life by identifying severe          emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric needs where they exist and addressing them through the best possible treatment options.

Call today for more information (609) 599-6430 or CLICK HERE.

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